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• Official Announcement

We are dedicated to ensuring a secure and transparent relationship with all our valued customers. To uphold the integrity of our engagements, we have published an official list of authorized telemarketing officers on this website. Please note that these individuals are the only appointed representatives of our company, entrusted with discussing our services and offers over the phone. We encourage all our customers to verify the identity of any individual claiming to be associated with our company before engaging in any conversation or sharing personal information. If you are ever in doubt, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service for confirmation.


E-Mail: mazi_1985@yahoo.com

Julien A. Noques


Leonora M. Pasiderio

Cellphone Number: +639 2047 00476

Jean G. Burgos

E-mail: sriu.telemarketing@gmail.com

Roxanne Baldomero

E-mail: roxannebaldomero@yahoo.com

• SRGEd – SRIU Telemarking Officers Job Description

Our telemarketing officers are responsible for informing you about our latest program offerings and services. They will assist with inquiries, guide you through our program selections, and offer support for account management. Please be aware that our officers will never ask for your personal passwords or PIN codes during the call. Protecting your privacy is crucial to us, and we ask that you report any such requests immediately to our support team.

• Secure Communication Protocols

To maintain transparent and secure communications, our telemarketing officers only use official company channels. You will receive calls from recognized company phone numbers and any email correspondence will originate from our official SRGEd – SRIU email address or authorized email addresses listed above. Our commitment to your security means we take every precaution to prevent unauthorized use of our brand for communication.

• Customer Feedback System

Your feedback is essential to us. If you have had any interaction with one of our telemarketing officers, we encourage you to chat with us using the “Ask Us” button on our website to share your experience. This helps us maintain high standards of service and improve our customer interactions.



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