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St. Robert’s first company was established in Iloilo City in April of 1999, officially registered as St. Robert’s Training and Management Center (SRTMC). As an educational marketing company, St. Robert’s managed the Graduate School Extension program of the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME) located in San Antonio Village, Makati City.

With the phenomenal success of SRTMC, other client Graduate Schools like PWU, PCU, JRU, and OLFU and a number of state colleges and universities (SUC’s) were added to the graduate offerings marketed and locally and abroad.

In 2004, St. Robert’s established its first educational company the St. Robert’s International Academy (SRIA) initially registered under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). In 2010 SRIA became a full fledged educational institution registered with the Department of Education offering complete K to 12 programs. In 2022 the Securities and Exchange Commission granted its request converting SRIA into St. Robert’s International College (SRIC).



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