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The year 2022 saw the expansion of St. Robert’s Group of Companies. In twenty two years, it had ventured into its most ambitious project - the St. Robert’s International University located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Its business template is bolstered by the mindset brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic - the new normal educational services powered by digital technology. Capitalizing on its eLearning technology, SRIU will provide access to education via the SRIU International On-Line College operating in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, the UAE, India, and Nepal.

To ensure a smooth management system required for the delivery of quality educational services - SRIU have constituted the membership to the SRIU International university system in the seven countries with headquarters in Cambodia.

St. Robert’s International University envisions itself to become the leading international university in Southeast Asia making available quality university education to every Asians to provide leadership to the Asian industries.



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