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Understanding the SRIU IOLC Program: A Blend of Virtual and In-Person Learning

The SRIU IOLC program, by its very nature, implements a blended learning approach that combines virtual instruction with in-person sessions, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. This article aims to shed light on the structure and features of the SRIU IOLC program, highlighting its unique aspects and benefits.

Blended Program Components: The SRIU IOLC program consists of two main components: faculty lectures and independent study. These components are allocated specific time proportions, with faculty lectures accounting for 40% of the program and independent study occupying the remaining 60%. The breakdown of these components includes 18 hours of faculty lectures and 27 hours of independent study for every unit of credit earned. Therefore, a 3-unit non-lab credit requires a total of 45 hours of study.

Utilization of LMS by Canvas: The SRIU IOLC program makes use of the Learning Management System (LMS) provided by Canvas. This platform serves as a virtual hub for students to access course materials, submit assignments, engage in discussions, and communicate with faculty and peers. The integration of the LMS enhances the learning experience by providing a centralized and user-friendly interface for the program participants.

Hybrid Program Structure: To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, the SRIU IOLC program incorporates both virtual and in-person instruction. The structure of the hybrid program involves virtual instruction sessions followed by in-person sessions on weekends.

Virtual Instruction: The virtual instruction component of the program entails 3 hours per session, conducted over 6 sessions, resulting in a total of 18 hours. These virtual sessions, delivered through online platforms, provide flexibility for students to attend the classes at their convenience. The utilization of virtual instruction allows for greater accessibility and accommodates students' diverse schedules.

In-Person Instruction: Complementing the virtual sessions, the SRIU IOLC program includes in-person instruction sessions. Like the virtual sessions, these in-person classes also span over 3 hours per session, delivered across 6 sessions, totaling 18 hours. The in-person instruction takes place on weekends, specifically on Saturday and Sunday, spread over 3 weekends. This structure aims to facilitate face-to-face interaction and engagement, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Talkshop: A unique aspect of the SRIU IOLC program is the inclusion of a Talkshop on the first day of the in-person classes. This Talkshop is dedicated to seminars or panel discussions conducted by renowned professors and personalities. While the Talkshop is primarily an online program, it also incorporates in-person enrichment sessions and seminars. It is important to note that attendance in the in-person sessions is beneficial but not mandatory, as compliance can be fulfilled through virtual classes. Moreover, all lectures, whether virtual or in-person, are recorded and uploaded onto the LMS, allowing students to review the content at their own pace.

The SRIU IOLC program offers students a blended learning experience by utilizing a combination of faculty lectures, independent study, virtual instruction, in-person sessions, and the inclusion of the Talkshop. This unique approach empowers students to engage with course material in multiple formats, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. With the support of the Learning Management System by Canvas, students can conveniently access course materials and stay connected with faculty and peers. The SRIU IOLC program continues to redefine traditional learning methods, adapting to the evolving educational landscape and empowering students to succeed.



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