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St. Robert’s International University (SRIU) is a renowned educational institution that has made remarkable strides since its establishment. Beginning as St. Robert’s Training and Management Center (SRTMC) in Iloilo City in April 1999, the university ventured into the realm of educational marketing. It managed the Graduate School Extension program of the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME) in Makati City, expanding its reach to various client Graduate Schools like PWU, PCU, JRU, OLFU, and numerous state colleges and universities.

In 2004, St. Robert’s International Academy (SRIA) emerged as the university's first educational company. Initially recognized by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), SRIA established its presence in Iloilo City, starting in Magalona Building on Ledesma Street. As the number of students grew, SRIA relocated to the RBH Building on Lopez Jaena Street. By 2006, it found a more spacious location in the Casa Plaza Building, situated in front of the Iloilo Capitol Building.

Expanding its horizons beyond national borders, St. Robert's initiated its global operations in 2008. It delved into international territories, starting with Thailand, upon the invitation of Ambassador Antonio Rodriguez. This move aimed to offer a Teacher Certificate program to Filipinos who faced the risk of being retrenched due to the newly required Thai Teaching License. Subsequently, the university established learning centers in Hong Kong and Jakarta. Today, St. Robert's international operations encompass countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, India, and Nepal.

In 2010, SRIA established its Basic Education Department and relocated to the Cooper Building on General Hughes Street in Iloilo City. Three years later, SRIA celebrated its first graduation ceremony, marking the accomplishments of its elementary and high school students. The subsequent years witnessed further growth and recognition for SRIA, leading to a transfer to the renowned GST Building on Quezon Street, where it garnered local and international acclaim.

To accommodate a growing student body, SRIA sought a larger campus. In December 2016, the university signed a historic lease contract with the Vincentian Fathers, granting a 15-year lease for the De Paul Campus. In June 2017, the new SRIA campus was inaugurated, showcasing extensive renovations and the integration of the Vincentian charism into the values formation of the Robertine education. The campus featured state-of-the-art facilities, including the Robertine Gym.

The year 2022 proved to be a significant milestone for St. Robert’s, as it garnered recognition from various esteemed institutions. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the conversion of SRIA into St. Robert’s International College (SRIC). SRIC was honored with the Premier Standard Private School award at the 9th Elite and Leadership Awards Night 2022. Moreover, it obtained membership from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and received certification from Deuzert, a German ISO Education Management certifier. Expanding its operations, SRIC launched the St. Robert’s International College – Gulf Institute for Training Services in the United Arab Emirates and acquired Pudtachad Kindergarten School and Pramoch Pattana Kindergarten school in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2023, St. Robert's Group of Companies experienced further growth. This period marked the establishment of St. Robert’s International University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Leveraging its experience in digital education, SRIU introduced the St. Roberts International Online College (IOLC) to provide quality education accessible to students in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, the UAE, India, and Nepal. This move aligns with SRIU's commitment to innovation and the utilization of eLearning technology.

SRIU stands as a testament to the remarkable progress achieved by the St. Robert’s Group of Companies. With its affiliation to the Southeast Asia University Consortium (SEA UniCon), SRIU offers a platform for collaboration and capacity-building among member universities worldwide. It upholds its mission to provide international access to world-class education, making SRIU more than an academic institution but also an educational marketing company.

St. Robert’s International University has experienced continuous growth and success throughout its history. From its humble beginnings as St. Robert’s Training and Management Center, the university has evolved into a prominent educational institution with global operations. With its commitment to innovation, quality education, and international collaborations, SRIU is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of higher education.



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