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i. Twinning arrangements: It is essential for every member of the Southeast Asia University Consortium (SEA UniCon) to execute a Twinning arrangement with each other. This means that each member institution will have a formal agreement in place to collaborate and establish joint educational programs.

ii. Recognition of curriculum: As part of the twinning arrangement, it is crucial to recognize the curriculum of each consortium member as equal and acceptable. This ensures that the educational standards and content across institutions are consistent, allowing for effective collaboration and student mobility.

iii. Curriculum credit: To facilitate student mobility and academic progression, allowing 50% of the curriculum of the Twinning Partner to be credited towards a degree is a significant step. This means that students can transfer credits earned at one institution to another, thereby accelerating their academic journey.

iv. Double program arrangement: Offering a double program arrangement provides students with the option to acquire two diplomas from each of the Twinning Partners. This enhances their educational experience and expands their qualifications, increasing their opportunities in the job market or further academic pursuits.

v. Education marketing arm: Allowing the Twinning Partner to serve as the education marketing arm is beneficial for promoting collaborative programs and attracting potential stakeholders. This partnership can lead to increased visibility and student enrollment, fostering a successful consortium.

vi. Paid International OJT: The opportunity for a paid academic OJT (On-the-Job Training) through industry partners in Cambodia or other host companies in different countries adds value to the educational experience. It allows students to gain practical skills and international exposure, enhancing their employability and preparing them for a global workforce.



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